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Harmony Hills

Intro to Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Therapists and Practitioners

Join Tish Miller and Michele Quesenberry for an introduction to Internal Family Systems. A powerful approach to helping people understand humanity from the inside-out.

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Time & Location


Harmony Hills, 186 Nutwell Rd, Deale, MD 20751, USA


About the event

Curious about Internal Family Systems?  A six-hour introduction to Internal Family Systems

  • Learn and understand the IFS model 
  • discover and practice the basic steps 
  • learn abour Self and how to access this powerful energy 
  • working wiht inner parts of the person
  • becoe familiar with systemic approach 
  • understand key concepts of parts, their roles in the system & Self
  • non-judgment 
  • Discuss and explore essential concepts of IFS: parts, Self, Protectors, Exiles, Polarities, Healing Stages
  • Describe developing relationship with the inner world... parts of the inner world
  • Describe Self and parts that interfere with the process
  • blending and unblending 
  • Understand principles and concepts underpinning IFS as a therapeutic modality
  • Recognise roles that the sub-personalities (parts) play in the presenting issues from a non-pathologizing perspective
  • Access and explore protective parts in a session using a simple protocol
  • Deepen participants’ understanding of experiential therapeutic healing
  • History and background of IFS, the Model of Mind
  • Roles and Relationships of Parts – Protective and Vulnerable
  • Self – the 8 Cs and 5 Ps of Self energy
  • Observe a demonstration session to see the difference between normal therapeutic listening and ‘listening for parts’
  • Unblending (differentiation) to increase affect tolerance & emotional regulation
  • Discovering and working with Protective parts (small group work)
  • The Flow of the IFS Model (a practice schematic)

Internal Family Systems is a non-pathologizing, collaborative and empowering model of therapy which fosters transformation, gently, quickly, and effectively. The IFS Model represents a synthesis of two already-existing paradigms: systems thinking and the ‘multiplicity of mind’ (aka ego-states) with an understanding that symptoms are actually the coping mechanism of our parts trying to protect us from pain.

IFS is listed in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices, rating it as “effective for improving general functioning and well-being,” and “promising for each of: improving phobia, panic, and generalized anxiety disorders and symptoms; physical health conditions and symptoms; personal resilience/self-concept; and depression and depressive symptoms.”

Tish Miller,  LCSW

Assistant Trainer - Internal Family Systems Institute ( IFS-I)

IFS Certified Therapist 

Approved IFS Consultant

Michéle Quesenberry, M.S. Exp Ed 

IFS Certified Practitioner

While facilitators ar Certified with the Internal Family Systems Institute, this workshop does not replace or count towards the IFS Certifiation or Level One Training.  

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